Bosnian American Cultural Association, 1997.
Solo Exhibition, Chicago, USA.

 Coming to America Biscevic discovered amazing landscapes of Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. After war experience he found a unique sensation of comfort and peace in the timelessness of wilderness in perfect balance.

With his bold use of color he both fascinates and inspires the viewers. His distinctive style is realized by applying colors with great speed straight from the dish, tube or pallet to achieve a thick, robust texture. Further refinement is added by scraping away some of the paint once dry, or adding some paint, end result being a remarkable effect.

Biscevic said: My work challenge conventional perceptions because nature never stop to amaze me. I am intrigued by the play of light on the natural landscape and how it is constantly trasforming the scene. I constantly search for shifting light and that influence on textures, shadows, and colors.

Samir's paintings reflect not only his exceptional skill, but also a love of the American landscape and dedication to its conservation and remembrance.