This online gallery will help you immeasurably to appreciate and understand my art.

  • New Paintings

    In my new artwork, I combine all experience with painting, photography, graphic design and advertising to create versatile art, including imagery from popular culture and contemporary materials.

  • Art Process

    In my abstract paintings I express emotional state of mind throughout emotional value and art process which is as important as the painting itself. In new paintings I use multitude of art techniques such as photography and digital manipulation, collage, acrylic paint, spray paint, stencil and more to create new uniquely different artwork.

  • War Experience

    My paintings  began to change under tragedy of war experience and I moved to abstract, intuitive, energetic and spontaneous work. This new experience molded my creative process and helped me to express my feelings and emotions. I felt a sense of freedom when I broke from my earlier work because it was so different from what I used to do. I did not have a choice but let emotions freely flow.


All artworks are unique, signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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