About Bisca

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Biscevic spent four years studying painting at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, working under professors Nusret Pasic and Miroslav Percinlic. Today, he resides and creates in Chicago, USA.

New Work

In his new work, Samir has shifted his focus to examining popular culture and the emotional aspects of consumerism in our society today. Through the use of various art techniques, he strives to create visually impactful pieces that capture the essence of the moment, showcasing the significance of brands and high-end luxury objects. His artwork serves as an expression of our societal norms and cultural values, delving into the emotional impact of consumerism on the human experience. With each piece, he aim to create a visual commentary on the world around us and challenge viewers to reflect on their own relationships with materialism.

Abstract Paintings

Biscevic is an artist whose work is deeply rooted in the tragedy brought on by the war in his homeland. His abstract paintings are a testament to the tension between life and destruction, as well as the emotional turmoil that arises from war experiences. Through his expressionist style, he captures the existential conflict of man, exploring themes of love, tragedy, and survival.

He is using a multitude of art combination on canvas. His connotations are multiplied and enriched by means of his technical skill. Samir typically applies paint rapidly in an effort to show feeling and emotion. 

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