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Bosnia corrected me

I have been to Bosnia-Herzegovina only once, in 2004, as the director of a university travel program.  I went reluctantly.  An estimated 100,000 soldiers and civilians had died in the war that ended in 1995, and Bosnians faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles to emotional recovery, political stability, and economic redevelopment.  I dismissed as naïve my hopes […]

Return Policy

10-Day Return Policy SBiscevic.com has a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee. We try to do everything possible for our clients to be pleased with their purchases and our services. The opportunity of possible refund or exchange of the artworks you haven’t liked is made exactly for this purpose.A 10-Day Return Policy makes your purchase at SBiscevic.com […]

Art reflects pain of Bosnian victims

By Manya A. BrachearTribune staff reporterPublished July 12, 2005   It took Bosnian artist Samir Biscevic three years to recover memories of the war in his homeland and portray the horrific scenes harbored in his mind. “Slowly, little by little, I wanted my artwork to be dedicated to Bosnian victims,” he said. “Talking about truth, […]

Chicago Bosnian Community Says No Peace Without Justice

October 31, 2012By Ellyn Fortino Samir Biscevic doesn’t sign his paintings, because they’re never finished. Nor does he seemed finished with his paintings that keep him locked into his home country, Bosnia, and the atrocities that slipped much blood and left deep scars. “My paintings are not beautiful. There is no beauty here,” Biscevic said […]

Artist Commemorates

Artist commemorates 20th anniversary of “ethnic cleansing” in home country November 16, 2012 by Mattie Quinn Samir Biscevic, Norwood Park resident, studied to be an artist in his native country Bosnia and Herzegovina. When Serbs began their “ethnic cleansing” of Bosnians during the breakup of Yugoslavia, Biscevic emigrated to America to continue a career as an […]

Unhappy People

Written by Nermin DONLAGIC I found myself at the dawn of a new day,And that might have been enoughTo deem myself a happy one. It appeared that I had a nice nightOne in which I had not overslept. And that might have been enoughTo deem myself a happy one. This morning I went to have […]

To My Friend

Written by Nermin DONLAGIC Do you sometimes stop by the quiet inn, like you used to,And sit at the wooden table in the corner?Is there anyone there to listen to you intently While you talk about Buddha and Krishna? Do you sometimes come to a silent riverTo steal an hour from a dreary day?Can the […]