This online gallery will help you immeasurably to appreciate and understand my art. test2

My paintings  began to change under tragedy of war experience and I moved to abstract, intuitive, energetic and spontaneous work. This new experience molded my creative process and helped me to express my feelings and emotions.
I felt a sense of freedom when I broke from my earlier work because it was so different from what I used to do. I did not have a choice but let emotions freely flow.

In my paintings I express emotional state of mind throughout emotional value and art process which is as important as the painting itself. I paint to celebrate life and in protest of systematic violence and horrific massacre of innocents.

“Tragedy is the greatest art form of all. It gives us the courage to continue with our life by exposing us to the pain of life. It is unsentimental, it takes us seriously as human beings, it is not condescending. Paradoxically, by seeing pain we are made greater, it becomes a need.” (Howard Barker)

You are invited to explore innermost thoughts and emotional depths that you otherwise would have never imagined.